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Last Day on Earth: Survival Cheats 1.17.3

Last Day on Earth: Survival
  • Updated:Yesterday, 21:17
  • Version:1.17.3
  • Requirements:Android 4.1
  • Genre:Action
  • Views:6 150 338
  • Google Play:Open

Last Day on Earth: Survival – an adventure game that tells the story of the hero’s survival after a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth, turning it into a crowd of walking dead. Only a few, having immunity to the virus, were able to survive and continue to exist. One of these lucky ones turned out to be the main character, for which he will play.

In the game you need to do typical actions for games of this genre. The character needs to build and modernize the shelter, which will help in the fight against the raids of zombies. The remaining survivors, too, should beware, as not all of them are friendly towards other people. In an open game world, you can find all the items and materials that will be needed in the construction. We also need to look for food, hunting and gathering.

The game has a good graphics and convenient control with a view from above. Atmospheric soundtrack keeps in suspense. There is also a multiplayer in which you can meet other players and either unite with them or fight. Last Day on Earth: Survival is an excellent survival simulator, which definitely will appeal to fans of post-apocalypse themes.

What’s In Fashion

  1. Free craft and construction;
    Infinite skill points (you can spend them minus);
    Division of single things;
    Eating any food quenches hunger and thirst;
    All skins and modifications for the chopper are open;
    After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the following features:
    The division of objects increases their number;
  2. Level 99
    Open all crafting recipes (regardless of character level);
    Instant walking on the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy);
    High damage;
    Fast walk;
    Mobs stand still.
  3. Unlimited Coins
  4. Unlocked All

What’s New In Update


– Season 11 started in the Crater!

– Motorcycle are now behind the Wall as well.

– New type of tasks in the Crater – contracts.

– New form of tournaments in multiplayer.

– Skins for shops.

– New backpacks and Chopper.

– Season 9 started behind the Wall!

– The city in Crater is introducing trading and a new currency

– Workshop with personal workbenches is now open

– Tournaments between survivors will take place in Crater

– Now in Crater you can visit other survivors on metro

– Multiplayer locations Bauxite Quarry and Red Forest spotted

– New resources, items, workbenches, and weapons

– New Popularity stat

– Ability to move and attack stealthily added

– The level required to enter Crater will be lowered to 15

How to install?
OBB path “Android /obb/zombie.survival.craft.z“
LIB patch “Android/data/zombie.survival.craft.z/lib“
  • If you are already playing the mod and want to continue where you left off, install the new version mod apk file without deleting the old mod version.
  • Also, to back up your progress just in case, copy the “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder in your Android/data and paste it to a different location on your device.
  • To log in and synchronize with your Facebook, Google account, you need to root and use Lucky Patcher

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